Powiedz nam
co lubisz w kuchni.


The innovative line of Zajc kitchen furniture marked with the abbreviation IN is characterized by the application of a new technical solution of joining the cabinet body walls in extreme visible elements.
There are no longer any visible caps covering the openings in the external elements of the furniture, and at the same time the furniture can be easily assembled and disassembled many times (no longer glued together).
This is a very important detail in the case of e.g. tall elements required to be assembled at the customer's premises in a location where the size of a staircase or narrow passages made it impossible to bring in a complex piece of furniture until now. The technology also makes it possible to easily dismantle the furniture and reassemble it in the event of the need to move it to another location and in emergency situations of rapid disassembly (e.g. flooding or the need to replace vertical pipes).
It is also important that in case of damage to the external element, the technology allows to replace only the damaged element and not the whole body permanently connected to it, which reduces the costs of maintenance services.