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The latest Phantom kitchen was designed by Patryk Zajc.‎ The most distinctive and very fashionable feature is its table integrated with the island.‎ Phantom deals with this combination in an innovative way.‎ The construction of the island is based on a counterbalance, thus the table has no legs, and yet is stable, comfortable and seats up to four.‎ Phantom Kitchen has been designed in an ergonomic way.‎ The model is equipped with a pocket door, which provides convenient access to the content of high kitchen units.‎ One of them features an internal chest of drawers with an additional top, power plugs, dedicated shelves, e.‎ g.‎ for an open cookbook, and a wooden glass hanger.‎ A new solution used in Phantom kitchen is LED lighting on the edges of the furniture.‎ Delicate light lines make it look lighter and enhance its aesthetics.‎

Project: ZAJC

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